Wednesday, March 07, 2007

viking heads for some... miniature flags for others.


Blogger party for my enemies said...

Nice vikings!

4:12 PM  
Blogger crylic said...

i like the fifth one the best, nice and dopey and given what your gonna be doin' with him, he works the best but give him the beard of the fourth guy and i think you got a winner broham. Nice work.

5:44 PM  
Blogger Andrew Doll said...

I'll agree with Dan on the 5th one Chris. Overall great designs dude.

1:13 AM  
Blogger Bryce Knudtson said...

Heey Chris, you and your vikings. You are mad crazy. Hmm... could you take a look at my most recent of posts and see if you have any criticisms? It would be most appreciated.

12:17 AM  

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